Make Music With George

Learn to play BASSDRUMS, and GUITAR - Contact Us Today! (720)772-MMWG (6694).

Team MMWG:
George Lacson - Bass
Alex Golesorkhi - Drums
Nico Golesorkhi - Guitar



"Music is a Language"

Learn to not only play, but to actually say something, musically.

We'll teach you some concepts that will get you started on the right path, or give you a new perspective on what you already know. Want to learn how to play for the first time? Have a desire to learn other concepts such as music theory, improvisation, or advanced technique? Our method is easy going and always fun!

Testimonials from some of our students:     Bass Lessons With George Lacson

"My 13 year-old son, Jackson, has been playing the double bass for two years and, upon receiving an electric bass as a holiday gift, he was dying to get started with electric bass instruction...George is hands-down the most inspiring and talented music instructor we have ever had." - Jennifer C.

"George Lacson is the kind of teacher you want; encouraging, challenging and respectful of his students. He's always got new angles on what to learn next. I'd recommend him without question to anyone who wants to learn bass." - Eddie T.

"I've been getting lessons from George for about a month. He's low ego, patient and seems most excited to keep me having fun with music that I like and to get me better at playing it. Glad to have found him!" - Damien B.

We enjoy teaching students of all ages from beginner to advanced levels. We specialize in the genres of Funk, Blues, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Metal, Latin, Classical, Country, Electronica and more! Learning about music is an exciting adventure that has no boundaries.

Thank You and we look forward to "speaking" with you soon! Contact Us today!

- Team MMWG

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