Make Music With George

Pro Tools Lesson 4 Pack


Learn and have fun recording music in an exciting series of lessons. This unique course teaches a method that is easy to understand and allows you to capture your favorite music. You will walk away with a solid foundation of recording and a basis for continuing on your own!

Bass Lessons With George Lacson

Limited enrollment! Each session is personalized with careful attention towards every engineer. The workshop emphasizes learning to record with little or no previous experience. Only a love for music is necessary! There are a very limited number of availabilities, so enroll today.



COST: $200

WHERE: Robb's Boulder Music
2691 30th St
Boulder, C0 80301 (720)772-6694

also available via Skype

WHEN: As Scheduled per Student

Teacher Profiles:

George Lacson loves to record music. With a master's degree from the Berklee College of Music in Music Technology, he has had the pleasure of recording the most amazing musicians over the years. Graduating Summa Cum Laude at the top of his class and years of valuable experience, he has created this course to share his knowledge with you. His main goal is always to have fun and share his love for being a musician.


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